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Get Everything You Need to Prepare for the Trainer Skills Assessment, the Google Certified Trainer Application, and become a GOOGLE CERTIFIED TRAINER!  

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Ready To Become A Google Certified Trainer?


Do you want to travel and help other teachers learn how to use Google tools in their classroom? Do you want to get your foot in the door as a consultant, trainer, or present at national conferences? Want to make a little extra cash in summer training teachers?  

This is the course you have been waiting for--the course to help you on your journey to becoming a Google for Education Certified Trainer!  

This brand NEW course has been updated and redesigned from head to toe!  

This course is designed for educators who deliver training and professional development to teachers, or those who wish to become trainers and consultants, and who have a goal to become Google Education Certified Trainers.  

This is an advanced course with a focus on best practices for trainers with the purpose of passing the Trainer Skills Assessment and applying to become Google Education Certified Trainers.  

Those who are looking to learn more about G Suite for Education and take their knowledge to an advanced level can also benefit, but keep in mind the goal of this course is to help educators become certified.

Becoming a Google Certified Trainer was one of the best decisions I ever made, and it transformed my learning and my career! This NEWLY-UPDATED, self-paced, online course includes EVERYTHING you need to know to pass the Trainer Skills Assessment AND complete the application requirements, including:


I am currently restructuring and updating all of the Google Certification courses for 2020.  

New information will be available soon!  

In the meantime, I suggest you join the waitlist so you are notified as soon as the new information is available.  

Joining the waitlist will also give you access to some FREE tips, training, and more!  

~ Kasey Bell

Looking for Level 2? Click Here Instead.

*Please note: This course does NOT include content to prepare for the Google Certified Educator Exams. This course will prepare you for the Trainer Skills Assessment Exam, and Application requirements including the video and case study.

The Google Certified Trainer Ultimate Planner & Checklist  

Your enrollment includes this AMAZING digital download: The Ultimate Planner and Checklist to help you plan your success! (26-pages)

The planner is included in the course, but available to purchase separately at any time here.


The Google Cerfied Trainer Academy

Learn from an experienced Google Certified Trainer and Google Certified Innovator that will show you the ropes, give you the advice and tips you need, and provide a roadmap for accomplishing your goals! 

Receive step-by-step instructions to help you prepare for all of the exams, application, case study, and video—all on your own terms!

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This course is self-paced so you can learn when it is convenient for you!

I have helped hundreds become Google Certified, and I know exactly what it takes to get there. This course is self-paced so you can learn when you have time and at your own pace. It's like having a trainer at your fingertips 24/7.

If you paid to attend a face-to-face boot camp, you would easily spend $299 or more for just two days of non-stop cramming.  

Make it easy on yourself, do this at your own pace. With an in-person training, it is just one-and-done! Access this course 24/7 on your desktop, tablet, or mobile devices.

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Take a Sneak Peak of What You'll Learn

11 Redesigned Modules And Detailed Video Lessons Designed To Get You Google Certified.

Module 1: Welcome and Overview of the Course 

This module will give you an overview of the course, what to expect, and how to navigate.

  • Personal welcome video from world-reknown trainer, Kasey Bell
  • Overview of the course, the course platform, and the 6 Steps to Google Cetified Trainer.

Module 2: Influence Organizational Change  

In this module, you will learn how to make an impact as a trainer.

  • Establishing yourself as a leader
  • Support a shared vision within a school.

Module 3: Design Professional Learning 

In this module, you will learn how to plan and design effective professional learning.

  • Aligning effective professional learning to a shared vision
  • Methods for training delivery
  • How to develop a training plan 

Module 4: Implement Best Coaching Practices

In this module, you will learn how to build relationships, model, and coach teachers.

  • Build rapport and trust 
  • Model the integration of technology
  • Provide effective feedback

Module 5: Planning for Engaging Training Sessions

In this module, you will learn how to organize and plan your training, adjust to feedback, and differentiate. 

  • Design an agenda that meets learners goals
  • Get your entire audience engaged
  • Evaluate your training

Module 6: Facilitate with Professionalist 

In this module, you will learn how to prepare and present training materials.

  • Create beautiful learning materials 
  • Deliver content with poise, clarity, and presence
  • Engage you audience with interactive activities

Module 7: Deepen Your Knowledge of Google for Education

In this module, you will learn what exactly Google for Education really is and what it includes.

  • Core Suite of Applications
  • Domain requirements
  • Other apps

Module 8: Trainer Skills Assessment Overview & Tips 

In this module, you will learn about the trainer skills assessment, what to expect, and tips to help you pass.

  • How the test is structured
  • What expect
  • How to register

Module 9: Application Overview & Tips 

In this module, you will learn all about the application, what's required, including video tips and case study tips.

  • Application Questions 
  • Video requirements and tips
  • Case study requirements and tips

BONUS 1: How to Design Google PD That Works 

In this module, you will learn how to design Google PD that is effective using Kasey's bes tips.

  • What order to teach G Suite apps 
  • How to wow your audience
  • Kasey's best presentation tips

BONUS 2: How to Market Yourself as a Trainer 

In this module, you will learn how to get clients, create a brand, and market yourself as a trainer.

  • How to brand yourself
  • How to connect and maximize your social media presence
  • Marketing tips and tricks

Kasey Bell

Meet Your Instructor

Kasey Bell is part sparkling smile, part witty personality and a whole heap of passion as big as a Texas--go big or go home, y’all! She is a disruptor of the boring. An engaging, innovative, from the heart sharer who inspires educators while transforming their teaching with original, timely and use-tomorrow ideas for student choice, differentiation, and technology integration.  

Whether it is learning from home through online courses, professional development, conference workshops or as a keynote speaker Kasey is a relentless innovator of ideas and a devoted transformer of classrooms and teaching.  

Through teacher empowering publications and award-winning educational resources at, learner-driven workshops and presentations and co-hosting Google Teacher Tribe weekly podcast, Kasey proves why we should never settle for the boring when it comes to bringing out the very best in our students, and we should always strive to Shake Up Learning! provides teachers and educators with easy to understand, use-tomorrow digital learning resources, technology tips and tricks, in-depth online courses, books, resources, cheat sheets, blog publications, and podcasts. Subscribe to Shake Up Learning to get the latest resources in your inbox!  

To contact Kasey about speaking at your event, visit

See What Others Are Saying

Here's what course members have to say...

“I'm so grateful to finally be able to see the big picture of where I'm going and how I'm going to get there for Google certified trainer!”  

- Kitty Tripp

"Yippee! I just got the Congrats email from Google. I'm officially a Certified Trainer! Thank you SO MUCH +Kasey Bell for your resources. I've learned SO MUCH and can't wait to see how this impacts the teachers and students in my district!"  

- Tabitha Savage

"The amount of detail in this E-Course is astronomical! Between the planning guide and the quality videos, I feel like I am ready to tackle the content further so that I will be ready to take the Google Certified Trainer tests!"  

- Heather Kilgore

"Preparing to become a Google Certified Trainer can be a daunting process. Helpful resources can be far-flung and valuable advice can be hard to track down. Kasey Bell brings everything you need together in her e-course, "Become a Google Certified Trainer." Save valuable time and feel fully prepared with Kasey's detailed video tutorials and well-written curriculum.  

Kasey Bell is the bees' knees. Or the cat's pajamas. Actually, if you could get the bees' knees in the cat's pajamas, that would almost describe Kasey's awesomeness. Almost."  

- Matt Miller,

"This course is AMAZING! You have done a fantastic job! It is very user-friendly with a ton of great resources. I love that I can work at my own pace, on my time, and still go back and look at materials as needed. I especially love that I don't feel stressed trying to learn everything in just a few days like I would with a boot camp.  

The information for this course is literally at my fingertips on demand, anytime, anywhere! The Google+ community is a great resource to collaborate with other educators. This course literally offers everything you need to help you become a certified Google Trainer."  

- Danielle Davis-Fife

Special Recognition From

“Thank you for your hard work and dedication to the Certified Trainer program, Kasey!  

You are a part of a select group of Trainers who have helped numerous teachers take the next step in their professional development by coaching them to become Google Certified Educators. We wish you continued success!  

Happy Training!”  

- David Chen and Justin Lacap from the Google for Education Team

Frequently Asked Question's

Have a question before taking the plunge? We've got answers...

What if I am unhappy with the course?

We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund. 

When does the course start and finish?

The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish. 

How long will I have access to the course?  

At a minimum, you will have access to all the videos, tutorials, content, downloads, tips and tricks for ONE FULL YEAR! (Face-to-Face training cannot offer that!) 

Do you have to be a classroom teacher to become a Google Certified Educator?

No, you do not have to be a teacher in a classroom, or even employed in education to take the exam. However, the exam and the training materials are designed with classroom teachers in mind. 

Google changes all the time. How often will this course be updated?

This course will be updated on a yearly basis unless there are major updates that affect the exam or the certification program itself. 

Why take an online course?

Finding time to attend a Google Certification Boot Camp can be a challenge, and if you don’t have the support of your administrators it can be almost impossible to get time away from the classroom to pursue your dream of becoming a Google Education Certified Educator.

Who is this course for?

The Google Certified Trainer program is for those who are currently in a position to offer Google training, or aspire to become a trainer. (Must have proven experience before you submit your application.)

What's the difference between this course and the training offered in the Google Teacher Center?  

The Google Teacher Center is a great (and FREE) resource. Kasey has written a few of the lessons in the Teacher Center for Google. However, it doesn't meet the needs of everyone. Here's a comparison of the two options.

Is the cost of the Google exam included?

Please note: This course does NOT include the cost of the exam, which must be purchased from Google.

**Shake Up Learning and Kasey Bell do NOT grant certifications. Certifications come directly from Google.

More Questions? 

Use our contact form to contact us: 


Not Ready To Jump In Yet? How to Become a Google Certified Trainer eBook 

Download this FREE PDF eBook: How to Become a Google Certified Trainer. 26 pages of step-by-step information to walk you through all of the requirements, exams, and application process. 

  •  The Complete Guide to Google Certifications eBook, 
  •  How to Pass the Google Certified Educator Exams eBook, and 
  •  The Level 1 Capacity Matrix!